5 participants of the “Eurovision Song Contest” who did not need a victory

“Eurosong” made a significant number of its champs stars, and the gathering ABBA and Celine Dion began their effective global professions because of the victory at the celebration, while the lone twofold champ, Johnny Logan, turned into a name that each Eurovision melody fan should know.

Many have demonstrated that acknowledgment doesn’t come just because of the triumph at “Eurovision”, and we single out six members who had a decent effect notwithstanding the way that they didn’t win.

1. Domeniko Modunjo – Nel blu dipinto di blu

Italy has twice won the “Eurovision Song Contest”, yet it appears to be that the victors didn’t have the effect left by Domenico Modugno after the opposition in Hilversum in 1958. The tune Nel blu dipinto di blu performed by Modunjo took the third spot, however the narrative of this melody begins solely after the “Eurosong“.

Domenico Modunjo, who is likewise the creator of the tune, absolutely couldn’t have envisioned that he would go through five weeks at the first spot on Billboard’s list of the best 100 tunes during August and September 1958 and that toward the finish of that very year the melody would be picked as the single of the year.

The admissions didn’t end there. The main Grammy Music Awards were given the next year, and the melody Nel blu dipinto di blu got the honor for record and tune of the year, which is the solitary arrangement that took part in the “Eurosong” granted by the Grammy.

The melody was converted into Spanish, French, Dutch, Finnish and Portuguese, and their variants of the tune were performed by Dean Martin, Barry White, Frank Zappa, David Bowie and Eros Ramazzotti, among others, and likely the most acclaimed plan was the one performed by the gathering. Wanderer lords.

2.  Klif Ričard – Congratulations

Great Britain won for the second time a year sooner and as of now had a major top choice to succeed at home.

With the tune Congratulations, Cliff Richard lost the triumph by just one point, so he was in runner up behind the Spanish agent Masiel, who sang La, la, la.

Despite the way that it was positioned second, the tune was at the highest rated spot all through Europe, and the voice of Cliff Richard was heard in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.

The way that the program on the event of the 50th commemoration of the opposition held in Copenhagen in 2005 was called Congratulations shows how much the tune stayed engraved in the memory of “Eurosong” fans.

3. Hulio Iglesijas – Gwendolyne 

At the point when he was picked to address Spain, Julio Iglesias previously had one collection behind him, and his melodies were at the highest point of the Spanish outlines.

He composed the melody Gwendolyne, which took him to the opposition in Amsterdam, along with Leo Jones, and his motivation was the Frenchwoman Gwendolyn, whom he met as a 20-year-old law understudy and goalkeeper of a football club.

Iglesias took fourth spot, which didn’t deter him from recording renditions of the tune in four additional dialects, and Gwendolyne was likewise the title track of his second studio collection.

In the last part of the 1970s, Julio moved to the United States and before long recorded his first collection in English, and in 1988 he was granted the Grammy for Best Latin Pop Artist.

4. Olivija Njuton-Džon –Long Live Love 

Olivia Newton-John was picked as the British agent in Brighton, and the watchers had the chance to browse six tunes, by sending letters, the one that the artist will provide details regarding at the “Eurosong”. The melody Long Live Love with in excess of 27,000 votes was picked, while Olivia’s #1 arrangement Angel Eyes was second with around 18,000 letters from watchers.

The tune Long Live Love was viewed as a major top pick at the opposition in Brighton, however it got 14 focuses and completed in fourth spot along with the agents of Luxembourg and Monaco.

The collection with each of the six tunes that sought Brighton was delivered not long after the opposition, both in the UK and in the US and Canada, for whose market a country form of the tunes was recorded.

On account of the achievement she accomplished in the USA, Olivia recorded a few additional collections, and in 1978 she assumed the principle part in the film melodic Brilliant with John Travolta.

5. Zeljko Joksimovic – Lane moje

The first of the two delegates of Serbia and Montenegro was Zeljko Joksimovic, who was chosen in 2004 to address the recently designated state association with the tune Lane moje, for which he composed the music himself, while the content was composed by Leontina Vukomanovic.

The “Eurovision Song Contest” in Istanbul was the first to have two rivalry nights – semi-last and last, and since this was the presentation execution of Serbia , Zeljko Joksimovic needed to act in the elimination rounds first.

A year ago (expectedly) passed to the finals, and when different members began granting focuses, Zeljko Joksimovic got the most focuses, and during the great piece of the democratic, he was at the highest point of the Eurovision rankings in Istanbul.

Toward the finish of the democratic, the Ukrainian delegate Ruslana surpassed Željko and acquired a benefit that was difficult to accomplish, so with her “Wild Dance” she won 280 focuses and took the principal triumph for Ukraine, however the tune Lane moje turned into a major Eurovision hit in which enthusiasts of the opposition appreciate even following 16 years.

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